Welcome to The Canadian Book Club Awards, where storytelling takes the spotlight and book lovers unite in celebration! As Canada’s largest reader’s choice awards, we’re all about honouring the books that captivate readers from coast to coast.

What sets us apart? We’re not just an award; we’re a passionate community of book lovers, dedicated to championing inclusivity, accessibility, and the diverse voices that make up Canadian literature. 

The Canadian Book Club Awards are entirely reader-driven. From the moment authors submit their works, to the final announcement of winners, it’s real Canadian readers who are the decision-makers, voting on this year’s favourite books and championing the diverse voices that make up our vibrant literary landscape.

Our mission? To unite readers and writers in a shared love of great books. We welcome submissions from all publishing types – traditional, hybrid, or self-published – because we believe every story deserves a chance to shine. After all, readers don’t care how a book is published; they just care if it’s a good story.

What are we looking for? Stories that ignite conversation, poetry that dances off the page, self-help books that inspire, and children’s tales that capture imaginations before bedtime. With 13 categories to submit your book or participate as a reader, there’s something for every book lover at The Canadian Book Club Awards.

So how does it all work?

  1. Author Submissions: Authors submit their works year-round across our diverse genres.
  2. Avid Reader Applications: In December, passionate readers apply to become Avid Readers, the frontline supporters of CBCA. By February, a minimum of three Avid Readers are selected for each category.
  3. Reading and Voting: From February to August 31, Avid Readers delve into their stacks of books, digital or physical, and cast their votes for the top three selections in their chosen category.
  4. Finalists Announcement: In September, the top three books in each category, as determined by our Avid Readers, are unveiled as finalists.
  5. Verified Readers’ Participation: Verified Readers, comprising book clubs and avid readers nationwide, register to read and vote for the three finalists within their respective categories.
  6. Voting and Winners Announcement: Verified Readers have three months to read and vote for their favorite book. In January, the winners of the CBCA awards are announced, celebrating the readers’ favourites across the country.

It’s a journey of discovery, celebration, and the pure joy of finding a damn good book. Join us in celebrating the stories that captivate, inspire, and unite us all.

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