What are The Canadian Book Club Awards and why are they special?

We’re The Canadian Book Club Awards, Canada’s largest readers’ choice award! We’re driven by a heavy-hitting community of influential bookworms, who are offering opportunities to authors and readers that other awards are not.

We’re an award looking to bring inclusivity, accessibility, and diversification to the forefront of Canadian literature. 

Our mission is to unite; there are no other awards in Canada that are open to all publishing types (hybrid, traditional, or self) that allow readers to have their say.

We’re looking for great books that are worthy of telling our friends about.

We’re looking for thought-provoking stories that prompt insightful conversations.

We’re looking for poetry that makes us feel the rhythm in its words, self-help books that can guide us and, children’s books that our kids ask for before falling asleep.

We believe in the power of storytelling and we believe that all stories, regardless of publisher, sales numbers, or genre should be given an opportunity.

This is why readers are the ultimate judge of this award– they determine the winners of each category, simply by asking themselves — did I love this book? 

Give us what readers want. A damn good book.

What we’re most excited about with this Canadian-based book award is that it benefits both readers AND writers.

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How does it benefit readers?

The Canadian Book Club Awards are the ultimate readers-choice awards for authors AND readers. Verified Readers & Book Clubs from across the country vote for the best books in their chosen genre. You can sign up to become a Verified Reader and Bookclub,  here.

Need more information?

Find out what is required for your book’s submission and read about the criteria to see if your book qualifies for The Canadian Book Club Awards!

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