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What’s an Avid Reader?

Avid Reader’s are our frontline readers, responsible for electing the final three books within each category.

What do you have to do as an Avid Reader?

As an Avid Reader, you will receive a PDF of every book that get’s submitted within your chosen category.

You will then be tasked with reading each entry between February 2023-August 2023. In August, all Avid Reader’s will get together to elect the top three books within each category.

These three books will serve as the finalists for the 2023 Canadian Book Club Awards, where Verified Readers across Canada will take over and read their chosen genre, voting on this year’s best book.

Why apply to be an Avid Reader?

  1. Free books
  2. Access and input on judging a national literary award
  3. Benefit from exclusive giveaways
  4. You have a fundamental belief that great books, regardless of publisher, genre, or sales numbers, should be recognized.

Sound as good to you as it does to us? Submit your application today!

Avid Reader Application Criteria:

  • Must be a Canadian resident.
  • Must submit a screenshot of a recent review left for a book on GoodReads, Amazon, Kobo, Intsagram, etc.
  • Avid Readers must commit to reading all entries submitted in their chosen genre over the course of the submission period
  • PDFs of books will be shared with Avid Reader, and are not to be shared with anyone or anywhere. Integrity matters.
  • Authors are welcome to apply. Authors submitting their title for the 2023 awards, cannot apply for their submitted category.
  • Application deadline February 15, 2023.

    Category you wish to be an Avid Reader for (required)

    Non-FictionNon-Fiction/MemoirsFictionBusiness/Self-HelpSpirituality/WellnessChildren'sChildren's/Early ReadersCookbooksThriller/MysteryFantasy/Sci-FiRomanceYA (Young Adult Novels)PoetryAnthology/Short Story

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